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Released 25 August, 2018
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Publisher Sekip Games
Version 1.0.0

About Ole Bunny

Ole Bunny – Are You The Best Bunny Matador?

In 2014, Flappy Bird took the mobile world by storm with its simplistic gameplay. The game also inspired thousands of clone concepts, some better than others. Ole Bunny falls into this category – a cute character game with a difficult-to-master control scheme.


Concept – Simple, But Challenging

Become the best bunny matador of all time by avoiding the charging bulls on the screen. Ole Bunny can only move in concentric circles the shape of an 'O', but you can change the direction he's traveling. The idea is to collect as many roses as you can and achieve a top score. It's a simple and addicting gameplay loop that is easier to master than Flappy Bird – but not by much.

Rating: 4/5


Graphics and Audio – Cute Bunnies Gone Wild

Ole Bunny features pretty simplistic graphics and audio. The characters themselves look like vector art that has been animated with loose joints, giving it the appearance of paper art brought to life.

It's not nearly as well polished as that description makes it seem, though. Instead of imagining Paper Mario put together by Nintendo, think instead of a hastily taped together ransom note. It's perfectly serviceable and gets the point across, but not the most extraordinary execution of any mobile game. The music itself is licensed from the public domain and serves as a light-hearted soundtrack to a sometimes frustratingly fun game. 

Rating: 2/5


Gameplay - Become The Best Bunny Matador of All Time

Ole Bunny has a few tricks at his disposal to make the game more engaging than traditional 'clicker games.' The game features a compass that guides Bunny towards the next rose, so you're always sure which direction you should be traveling.

Carrots periodically spawn on the screen, providing power-ups to help clear challenging areas. Some of these power-ups can freeze the bulls, slow them down, or make the Bunny invincible for a short time – just like Mario's star.

The game also features a character editor that allows users to change Bunny's appearance. You can choose different ears and tails, and you can also choose different colors for your Bunny. Each option is limited to six different choices per category.

The level itself never changes, as Bunny is fighting in a bullfighting arena. The challenge of the game is how many roses you can collect before getting bulldozed into pulp. Much like Flappy Bird was about how many pipe pairs you could successfully traverse, Ole Bunny is about how many roses you can collect as a rabbit matador. The challenge lies in getting your friends interested in the game so you can prove you're the best bunny matador.

Rating: 3/5



Ole Bunny is a fun time-waster to have installed on any mobile device. It's a simple game to learn but hard to master due to Ole Bunny's unique movement. It has the deceiving simplicity of a game like Flappy Bird, but it's harder to master. The strange movement pattern of the rabbit can take some time to understand. The carrot power-ups make the game more forgiving than other 'clicker' games, too.

Replayability Rating: 5/5



Ole Bunny is kind of like the Flappy Bird of 2020. It's a fun game that features cute characters, but it can quickly become frustrating if you dislike challenging 'clicker' games.

In this simple mobile clicker game, become the best bunny matador of all time!
Developer Sekip Games
Price Free
Released 25 August, 2018
Website View site
Publisher Sekip Games
Version 1.0.0
Author Eunice
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