King Arthur: Magic Sword

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Released 19 November, 2017
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Publisher Sekip Games
Version 1.0.0

About King Arthur: Magic Sword

King Arthur: Magic Sword - Timed Color Matching

It's Got Excalibur?


The Sword and The Stone

The epic story of King Arthur removing Excalibur from its stony resting place is known worldwide. King Arthur: Magic Sword is a mobile game that lets you try your hand at pulling the blade from the rock. That's it.


Concept: Straightforward or Boring?

It's hard to say that this game is chic and simple because it just doesn't feel that way. The concept itself, letting the user pull Excalibur from the stone, isn't, at first glance, terrible. However, an entire game based on this?

It gets repetitive very, very fast, as I'm sure you can imagine.

The concept earns a 2/5. While at first, it sounds interesting, the fact is that there's nothing else coming after like using Excalibur in battle. It simply falls far short of being sustainable as a full game.


Graphics and Audio: There's Not Much of Either

King Arthur: Magic Sword is inspired heavily by geometric art. The background is angular trees, craggy mountains, and capped by a blue sky. The field of poppies flows before Arthur as he stands atop Excalibur, housed in its rocky hilt.

And... that's the scene. That's basically the entire game. Sure, it looks nice, but there isn't any diversity. The game lacks this across the board, and the graphics and audio are absolutely no exception. It's a 2/5 here, as well, for its lack of completion. One scene and one task do not a game create.


Gameplay: The Same Story Again and Again... And Again...

Pulling the stone from the sword is the only task in King Arthur: Magic Sword. Step up as King Arthur and claim your prize. Placing Arthur's hand on Excalibur makes a gauge underneath the rock appear. Find the color that matches the color of the symbol on the rock face, and PULL!

There is a primitive scorekeeping mechanism that's basically a timer. Your score ticks down as your time ticks up. The leaderboard is nearly empty because no one plays the app, so you'll basically be competing against yourself.

This is the entirety of the gameplay. King Arthur: Magic Sword is hard-pressed to call itself a game, earning a 1/5 for its repetitive, boring gameplay. There's no special reason to play, no reward for being skilled, and nothing to do after completing a single, solitary task.


Better Ways to Spend Your Time

This app is available for free, but even then, that's paying too much. The fact that you have to waste your time and energy downloading this, only to match colors once in less than five seconds? It's simply not a good use of time. I don't recommend this game. Find something else to fill the medieval Arthurian legend-sized hole in your life because this game is not the one.



King Arthur: Magic Sword takes a classic literary character and lets you live in his shoes for a whole 5 seconds.

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King Arthur: Magic Sword is a mobile game that lets you try your hand at pulling Excalibur from its stony resting place. Can you do it?
Developer Sekip Games
Price Free
Released 19 November, 2017
Website View site
Publisher Sekip Games
Version 1.0.0
Author Alek
Alek is a Vancouver Island-based writer and gaming enthusiast who enjoys everything from RPGs to RTS games.

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