Trump Space Invaders

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Released 9 January, 2018
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Publisher Sekip Games
Version 1.0.2

About Trump Space Invaders

Trump Space Invaders - A Classic Arcade Game With an Unpleasant Twist


Protect America from Trump & Co.


Introduction: What You See is What You Get

Plenty of stress has exploded around the world in 2020. Few things satisfy some people than to take to video games, especially on phones and tablets. Classic arcade lovers might find humor in knowing, then, that they can now defend America from its worst enemy: Donald Trump! Stave off an invasion of the worst kind in this app and in-browser game.


Concept: A Gross Coat of Paint for an OG

Trump Space Invaders is exactly what it sounds like. Trumpy aliens are attacking America. It's up to you to defend the country and destroy the yellow-wigged monstrosities.

There isn't a lot of detail in the content. If you like the original Space Invaders and love or hate Donald Trump, this 2/5 concept is for you. Otherwise, it'll probably just take up space on your phone.


Graphics and Audio: Honestly, Nothing Fancy

The simplicity of Trump Space Invaders makes it relatively unremarkable. You are literally the final defense line for the White House, which stands between you and never-ending hordes of Trump invaders. Each evil alien sports a dome of distinctly yellow Trumpian hair. Sometimes, bosses pop up with the same matted mess.

The pew of space fighting is also pretty generic. However, voice samples of Trump himself shout out things like "I'm prosperous," "If she weren't my daughter," and of course, "You're fired!". Other than that, though, it's all just a little bit hokey and below average at 2/5. It feels like it's riding the hate/love that the world has for the 45th President of The United States.


Gameplay: Endless Tower Defense... With Little Else

Space invaders show up. They'll come in a variety of types, numbers, and formations. It's up to you to murder each Trump lookalike before they destroy the precious White House and America itself.

Use your gun and zig-zag between the buildings, taking shots, and putting an end to the dangers. When the going gets hot and heavy, there is a special ability. Drop a nuke on the aliens. This clears the level automatically.

You can see your high score and retry levels, beating your own score. See how many levels you've completed at any time. There isn't a lot to rave about. The gameplay's basic, with little reason or rhyme to continue playing. It's 2/5, repetitive, and lackluster.


Conclusion: Nothing More than a Fun Novelty

If you're bored on a Saturday afternoon, probably don't download this. If you're looking for something funny to spend some time with, maybe try checking out another popular app or flash game. Trump Space Invaders is literally everything it says and nothing more. It's a skin on the classic arcade game, chock full of Trumpian references.

An endless grind to nowhere and uncomfortable quotes from a political powerhouse adds little pay-off to this mobile game you're best off avoiding-- like Trump avoids paying taxes.



Trump Space Invaders takes a simple classic and puts some kind of touch on it.

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In Trump Space Invaders, defend America and destroy the yellow-wigged orange-faced alien invaders!
Developer Sekip Games
Price Free
Released 9 January, 2018
Website View site
Publisher Sekip Games
Version 1.0.2
Author Alek
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