Poop Killer 4

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Released 4 August, 2022
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Publisher 616 GAMES
Version 1.0

About Poop Killer 4

Poop Killer 4 - Clogging the Toilet Has Never Been So Dangerous

A Shop Owner's Nostalgic Run-In With the Dreaded Poop Killer



A New Indie Horror Game Splashes Onto the Scene

For anyone who likes their video games vulgar, irreverent, and just plain silly, Poop Killer 4 will be a welcome addition to the indie horror genre. Developed and published by indie game developer 616 Games, Poop Killer 4 is available exclusively for Windows PC via Itch.io.

Poop Killer 4 is the fourth installment in the Poop Killer franchise, a series of lighthearted games inspired by the many trashy horror movies of the '80s and '90s. After the conclusion of Poop Killer 3, players may have thought they were finally safe from the wrath of the dreaded Poop Killer. But now, he's back again and ready to wreak havoc and make a stink everywhere he goes.


Poop Killer 4 | Credit: 616 Games


Rise of the Poop Killer

In Poop Killer 4, you play Billy, an average guy who owns a local sex shop. There's quite a bit of lighthearted vulgarity and sexually suggestive content, so this game is definitely not for the prudes—but most people would probably guess that from the name alone.

The game is in the first-person perspective, and the storyline revolves in and around Billy's shop. Everything seems to be going smoothly in the store until someone makes the tragic mistake of clogging the toilet, which leads to the birth of the dreaded Poop Killer himself.

The Poop Killer, a sinister-looking man with a flaming toilet for a head and a handheld poop weapon, rises from the ground in a blazing inferno. He's out for blood, and Billy must use his natural abilities and whatever he can find around his shop to fend off the Poop Killer and fight for survival.

The concept of Poop Killer 4 is undoubtedly silly, but that's pretty obviously by design. If you don't take things too seriously and enter the experience ready to laugh, you'll get a kick out of the ridiculous subject matter and the absurdity of the plot.

Concept Rating: 3/5


Poop Killer 4 | Credit: 616 Games


Nostalgic, Low-Quality Graphics

While the visuals of Poop Killer 4 are very rudimentary, choppy, and awkward, that too is by design. Similar to the game's plot taking inspiration from the '80s and '90s slasher-style horror movies, the classic PlayStation 1 and PlayStation 2 games inspired Poop Killer 4's graphics.

Although you most certainly won't be blown away by the character models or the design of the setting, the look of Poop Killer 4 will provide nostalgia for the era of VHS tapes and boom boxes. And while the sex shop has loads of suggestive videotapes and erotic objects, the intentionally low-quality graphics make them comical rather than off-putting.

As for the soundtrack, Poop Killer 4 is relatively quiet throughout most of the gameplay. There is the occasional fart noise, as you'd probably expect. And now and then, when a climactic moment arrives, the game hits you with the kind of fast-paced techno music you'd expect to hear in an '80s horror movie or video game.

The high-intensity moments only take place toward the end of the game, so the heavy music feels like it comes out of nowhere. However, considering the game's aesthetic and inherent silliness, it doesn't feel out of place—in fact, it seems to fit perfectly.

Graphics & Audio Rating: 4/5


Poop Killer 4 | Credit: 616 Games


Running a Busy Shop

Much of Poop Killer 4's gameplay involves running Billy's shop, which has a consistent stream of customers. The player holds down the cash register and interacts with a variety of shoppers, helping them as they purchase different graphic video tapes and intimate objects.

Ultimately, exploring the store, checking out customers, and shooting a few hoops on the basketball court outside, comprise a large percentage of the game. This portion of the gameplay isn't exactly thrilling, but you can find plenty of funny Easter eggs around the shop. Poop Killer 4 is more about comedy than anything else, and anyone with a silly sense of humor will get a few laughs while navigating the game's setting.

The Poop Hits the Fan

While the first half of Poop Killer 4 is pretty laid back, things don't stay mellow in Billy's sex shop forever. Eventually, one of the store's customers decides to use the bathroom, resulting in a clogged toilet. That's when everything in Billy's world changes.

After a customer takes a dump and clogs the bathroom, things start getting tense...

Eventually, the Poop Killer arrives, and he's out for blood. After killing one of the store's customers, the toilet-headed monster comes after you, vowing to murder everyone who doesn't flush.

Three Possible Endings

The climax of Poop Killer 4 sees Billy face off with the poop-wielding killer, and the player has three options for how they want to proceed. One tempting option is to turn and run, but anyone familiar with horror movies of these decades can tell you that running from the killer doesn't always go as planned.

Another option is to face the Poop Killer and fight back, which you can do using a sexually suggestive object from the shop's inventory. Finally, if you'd prefer an unorthodox route, you can break out the microphone and start rapping. Who knows, the Poop Killer might start breakdancing, resulting in a happy ending for everyone. You'll have to play to find out!

Gameplay Rating: 3/5


Poop Killer 4 | Credit: 616 Games


A Short and Affordable Indie Game

The full version of Poop Killer 4 launched on August 4, 2022, and you can purchase it from the 616 Games Itch.io page for just $1.99. Considering that the downloadable game features only around 20 minutes of gameplay, the price is reasonable. If you've got two bucks to spend and want to have a few laughs, become a Patron for this up-and-coming indie dev. Also, if you haven't played the rest of the Poop Killer games, check them out below:


Poop Killer 4 | Credit: 616 Games


Silly, Ridiculous Fun

With a game like Poop Killer 4, you must go in with the right expectations. Anyone anticipating an intense, terrifying survival-horror game will be severely disappointed. However, if you can appreciate this goofy game for what it is, you'll get a kick out of it.

Poop Killer 4 is vulgar and incredibly silly and never takes itself seriously. The '80s and '90s nostalgia is at an all-time high in this retro-style game. So, anyone that appreciates the cheesy horror movies and games of those decades will see the inspiration.

Because of its multiple-choice climax, the game does have some decent replay value. However, even exploring all possible options will only take about an hour of playing at the absolute most, so don't expect hours and hours of entertainment from Poop Killer 4.

Replay Value Rating: 3/5


The Good

  • Lots of '80s and '90s nostalgia
  • Good for a few laughs
  • Pays homage to low-quality horror movies

The Bad

  • Not much of a plot
  • Very rudimentary gameplay
  • Extremely short


Poop Killer 4 | Credit: 616 Games



Poop Killer 4 is a bizarre indie horror game that will leave you laughing and feeling nostalgic.

The Poop Killer is back, hacking and slashing and making a stink everywhere he goes!
Developer 616 Games
Price Free
Released 4 August, 2022
Website View site
Publisher 616 GAMES
Version 1.0
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