Sons Of The Forest

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Released 23 February, 2023
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Publisher Newnight
Version 0.6

About Sons Of The Forest

Sons Of The Forest - Not Your Typical Island Vacation

A Terrifying Fight for Survival on a Mutant-Infested Island



Unveiling the Long-Awaited Survival Horror Experience 

Making waves as a highly anticipated release, Sons Of The Forest is finally out in early access. This open-world survival horror game comes from the creative minds at Endnight Games Ltd and is the successor to the 2018 hit, The Forest, a game that received critical acclaim for its captivating story and fear-inducing cannibal adversaries.

For now, Sons Of The Forest is an exclusive game for PC - a status projected to continue for the foreseeable future. Nevertheless, plans for its expansion to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Xbox consoles are brewing. This chilling, adrenaline-fuelled adventure will test players' survival instincts as they face demonic enemies, construct essential tools and shelters, and delve into the foreboding wilderness of an isolated island.


Sons of the Forest Screenshot | Developer: Endnight Games Ltd


Embarking on a Quest for a Lost Tycoon 

Sons Of The Forest plunges you into the rugged boots of a mercenary dispatched to a secluded island. Your mission is to locate a vanished billionaire and his family. A full-fledged team had embarked on this journey, but their helicopter fell victim to an unexpected attack from unidentified aggressors. Among the wreckage, two mercenaries manage to pull through: our protagonist, and a comrade named Kelvin, who loses his hearing due to the assault.

Taking initiative, the protagonist and Kelvin establish a base camp, kicking off their search across the island. However, they soon stumble upon a horrifying truth; the island is a den for savage cannibals and grotesque mutations. As you traverse this nightmarish landscape, survival becomes your paramount concern. The game unfolds from a first-person perspective within an open-world environment, putting your destiny in the hands of wit and grit.

Concept Rating: 5/5


Sons of the Forest Screenshot | Developer: Endnight Games Ltd


Immersive and Lifelike Gaming Experience

Sons Of The Forest masterfully encapsulates the player within an authentic and atmospheric realm, skillfully combining the elements of eeriness and beauty inherent in its insular setting. Notably, the game stands out with its meticulous attention to detail, as demonstrated in its stunning visual composition.

The immersive experience is further amplified by its fluid in-game animations, offering seamless and authentic interaction with an intricately designed environment. Each character's interaction with the world is smooth and intuitive, enhancing the gamer's overall engagement.

An exemplar in immersive gaming, Sons Of The Forest offers an unrivalled experience that vividly blends visual and auditory elements to create a uniquely engaging, lifelike gaming environment.

Complementing the extraordinary visual landscape, the game's audio aspects are equally immersive and impressive. Eschewing a traditional, music-laden soundtrack, Sons Of The Forest employs an auditory simulation that authentically replicates the sounds of its unique setting. 

Whether it's the rhythmic crash of ocean waves on the sandy shoreline or the raspy inhalation of your character donning an oxygen mask in a claustrophobic cave dive, the immersive audio design successfully transports the player directly into the heart of the game's vibrant, living world.

Graphics & Audio Rating: 5/5


Sons of the Forest Screenshot | Developer: Endnight Games Ltd


Embrace the Lone Wolf or Team Spirit? 

In Sons Of The Forest, players can bask in solitude in the single-player mode or engage in the shared thrill in the co-op mode with comrades. Going solo translates to braving the insidious island alone, which may appeal to those craving a more intense horror experience.

However, the co-op mode opens avenues for strategic survival, where you and your fellow survivors can shoulder burdens together. From resource allocation to crafting deadly weapons and fortifying defenses, the co-op mode presents a dynamic experience that tests both individual skills and collaborative decision-making.

Thriving on Nature's Bounty 

Sons Of The Forest stands apart from the generic horror genre through its survival-oriented gameplay. Early stages in particular lay emphasis on leveraging your surroundings for survival essentials: shelter, tools, and weaponry.

You'll make fires to prepare food, cut down trees to craft the wood into a cabin, and snatch salmon out of the stream for dinner.

Expect to light fires for cooking, wield your axe to transform trees into sturdy cabins, and angle for fresh salmon to satiate your hunger. Thankfully, you're not entirely alone - your deaf companion Kelvin, once given a set of tasks, becomes your valuable aide in these survival chores.

Weathering the Changing Seasons 

Sons Of The Forest further ups the survival stakes with its realistic portrayal of changing seasons. Your survival strategy must adapt to the fluctuating weather patterns, and your sustenance needs will alter with the change from bountiful summers to harsh winters.

Though resources don't vanish come winter, finding food becomes a greater challenge, placing even greater importance on careful planning and stocking during the warm months. Be prepared to grapple with mutant island dwellers who're also hunting to fend off their hunger.

Sons of the Forest Screenshot | Developer: Endnight Games Ltd

Engaging in High-Stakes Combat 

Safety is a fleeting luxury on the island where Sons Of The Forest unfolds. The island teems with a myriad of grotesque creatures, some retaining hints of their former humanity, while others are abominably alien.

The high-octane battles and the looming dread of mutant confrontations undoubtedly set your pulse racing.

Crossing paths with these hostile mutants is inevitable, leading to combat situations that test your survival instincts and fighting skills. With an arsenal built from your gathered resources, the game delivers a responsive and precise combat experience, accentuating the player's control in these frantic encounters.

Playing the Strategic Survival Game 

Sons Of The Forest blurs the lines between survival horror and strategy, pushing players to weigh the potential risks and rewards of every decision. The game constantly challenges your tactical acumen, forcing you to balance immediate necessities with long-term survival.

For instance, you might have to choose between using your limited arrows to kill a mutant from a safe distance, or risk close combat with an axe, potentially causing injury and require using precious bandages. Such dilemmas ensure constant mental exercise in your survival journey.

All in all, Sons Of The Forest successfully combines elements of horror, survival, and strategy, resulting in a gameplay experience that keeps players on their toes, constantly balancing the need for immediate safety against the overarching goal of survival.

Gameplay Rating: 5/5 


Sons of the Forest Screenshot | Developer: Endnight Games Ltd


Exploring the Early Access Phase

The new, thrilling title, Sons Of The Forest, made its early access debut on February 23, 2023, leaving eager gamers curious about the launch date of the full version. For now, you can download the game for $29.99 on Steam—an acceptable price tag considering the gameplay content currently accessible.


Sons of the Forest Screenshot | Developer: Endnight Games Ltd


Testing Your Mettle in a Riveting Journey

Regardless of your previous experiences with The Forest, Sons Of The Forest is a must-try for survival-horror enthusiasts and gamers seeking an adrenaline-pumping thrill. The game concocts a potent brew of survival mechanics rooted in environmental interaction, bone-chilling horror sequences, adventurous exploration, and dynamic, fast-paced combat. Ultimately, Sons Of The Forest presents a smorgasbord of gaming delights to captivate a diverse spectrum of gamers.

Replay Value Rating: 4/5


The Pros

  • An engrossing, expansive open-world environment
  • Exceptionally detailed and realistic graphics
  • Heart-pounding horror elements
  • Multi-faceted engaging gameplay
  • Enlarged map size compared to the original game
  • Superior AI

The Cons

  • Restricted gameplay content in the current version
  • Narrative depth leaves room for improvement


Sons of the Forest Screenshot | Developer: Endnight Games Ltd



Sons Of The Forest is a more-than-worthy sequel to The Forest, offering an extensive open-world environment, chilling horror, and challenging survival elements.

Sons Of The Forest is a thrilling survival horror game that plunges players into a mysterious and treacherous forest infested with mutated creatures. Armed with only their wits and limited resources, players must navigate the haunting environment, uncover dark secrets, and fight for their survival
Developer Endnight Games Ltd
Price Free
Released 23 February, 2023
Website View site
Publisher Newnight
Version 0.6
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