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Endnight Games Ltd.

Endnight Games Ltd. is a video game development company based in Vancouver, Canada, known for creating immersive survival horror games. Co-founded by industry veterans Ben Falcone and Anna Terekhova, the company first gained recognition with the early access release of The Forest in 2014. This open-world game, which involved survival strategies and the unraveling of a mysterious narrative in a cannibal-infested forest, quickly caught the attention of gamers worldwide with the launch of the completed game in 2018.

Building on this success, Endnight Games released the sequel, Sons Of The Forest, in 2023. The sequel enhanced the original's survival horror framework with improved graphics, mechanics, and a deeper storyline, further cementing Endnight Games' reputation for high-quality, immersive gameplay.

Despite having a small team, Endnight Games has a track record for creating captivating narratives and pushing the boundaries of the genre. As they continue to innovate, the gaming world eagerly anticipates their next project. For the latest news, announcements, and insights about their games, you can follow them on these platforms:

Additionally, they maintain a Steam Developer page where you can find updates about their games and engage in community discussions.


Check out the latest trailer for Sons Of The Forest below.