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Released 24 July, 2013
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Publisher MY5TCrimson
Version 7.0.0

About Sonic.EXE - The Game

Sonic.EXE - The Game - A Fan-made Game With a Creepy Twist

A Horror Platformer Perfect for Creepypasta and Sonic Fans



Sonic.EXE - The Creepypasta Story

The Sonic.EXE creepypasta story is a scary tale centered around a young man named Tom, who was a huge fan of Sonic the Hedgehog. Tom remembers when his friend Kyle gave him a video game CD and a letter, where Kyle pleads with Tom to destroy the game before it's too late. Tom, of course, ignored Kyle's warnings and played the game but quickly discovered that this version of Sonic the Hedgehog was far more disturbing than what he was used to, with Sonic himself having an evil-looking appearance, bloody eyes, and a sinister smile.

As Tom continued to play this cursed version of Sonic the Hedgehog, he noticed more and more disturbing things, including several gruesomely murdered animals. After having enough of the creepy game for one night, Tom went to bed plagued by nightmares of the corrupted characters he'd encountered while playing, including the demonic version of Sonic himself.

Unable to fall asleep, Tom returns to the game, playing and completing a level as the character Robotnik. However, the evil Sonic teleports in front of Robotnik before the screen turns into red static. Suddenly, a realistic image of the evil Sonic appeared on the screen with the strange words, "I AM GOD!". Understandably disturbed, Tom turned away from the game, only to find a bloodied Sonic plushie sitting on his bed. And that's where the story ends.

The spooky Sonic story went appeared on the Creepypasta Wiki in 2011, and ever since, it has inspired hundreds of illustrations of the demonic Sonic on DeviantArt. In 2012, a user named MY5TCrimson released the playable game version of the legendary Creepypasta character -- Sonic.EXE - The Game.


Sonic.EXE - The Game


What Is Sonic.EXE - The Game?

Developed by MY5TCrimson, Sonic.EXE - The Game is a fan-made Sonic game available on the Windows operating system. The horror platformer was released in 2014 and received many updates before reaching its completed form in 2015. It is free-to-play and focuses on the popular Sega Genesis character from what is known as the creepypasta universe. While the character Sonic.EXE appears as Sonic the Hedgehog, it's an evil creature spawned in the void, which explains the bloody eyes and scary, fang-bearing grin. 

Play as different characters and chase after Sonic.EXE, the murderous entity. It takes place in the Sonic universe. However, users experience it in a whole new way. Sonic.EXE murders everything and everyone in his past. Players find many tragic events by exploring the once bright and happy background. 


Sonic.EXE - The Game


Sonic.EXE - The Game Features 

MY5TCrimson released a few updates to complete their vision of this epic fan-made Sonic game. Players survive as other characters from the beloved franchise, such as Tails or Knuckles. Find out what has happened to the world. However, the events are not for the faint of heart. Blood is everywhere as Sonic.EXE continues on its murderous rampage. Eventually, players may notice the music becomes more ominous.


Sonic.EXE - The Game


The monster lurks in many unexpected places. Move as quickly as possible and avoid a fateful encounter until everything is ready. However, sometimes even speed isn't enough to save players from meeting a sad and terrible death at the creature's hands.

Blood is everywhere as Sonic.EXE continues on its murderous rampage.

The art is fan-made and features a dark, sad reality where evil invades. Even Dr. Robotnik is no match for this hellspawn creature. Nobody is safe when Sonic.EXE shows up and attacks. The music is very creepy. It is based on the original songs from the levels players experience but has many new twists and turns. Take secret paths while exploring for things to help in the final fight against Sonic.EXE. Return to previously completed levels for new and unexplained additions. The worlds evolve in this video game, making time-based secrets a fun and thoughtful feature.


Sonic.EXE - The Game


Other Sonix.EXE Mods

Over the years, Sonic.EXE has inspired thousands of awesome fan-made Sonic games and mods, offering players hundreds of unique versions to try. Below, we've highlighted a few of the best available mods perfect for every Sonic.EXE fan.

Sonic Exe One More Time

Created by user Mr Pixel Productions, the Sonic Exe One More Time mod is a straightforward mod aimed at improving on the original Sonic.EXE game. The creator had the goal of making the game more experience, and based on the praise it has received from players, they succeeded!

Sonic Exe One More Round

After the success of their One More Time mod, Mr Pixel Productions decided to come out with the Sonic Exe One More Round mod. With lots of disturbing new art and even more improvements to the game, the One More Round mod was, just like its predecessor, a big hit with players. As a bonus, the creator has even hinted at a possible third mod in the series in the future.


Sally.EXE was created as a follow-up to the original Sonic.EXE creepypasta game by MY5TCrimson. The short mod follows the character Sally, who is looking to find her love, Sonic. However, while trying to follow him through the hair-raising world, she realizes it's not the same Sonic she knows and loves. In the process, Sally ends up becoming possessed herself.

Sonic the Hedgehog: Editable ROM - EYX

Sonic the Hedgehog: Editable ROM - EYX was launched in March of 2022 by the indie developer, CloudyJolt_Gamer. This recent mod kicks the creepiness of the game series up a notch, featuring lots of very unsettling art with plenty of evident creativity.




Sonic.EXE and Friday Night Funkin' (FNF)

Friday Night Funkin' (FNF) is an open-source rhythm game developed by four Newgrounds users, including ninjamuffin99, and was released at a 2020 game jam event. FNF is reminiscent of the wildly popular music game, Dance Dance Revolution, requiring players to perfectly time their notes to keep the music going and avoid running out of health. So, what does Friday Night Funkin' have to do with Sonic.EXE, you may ask? Well, in some ways, the two games are closely linked.

As it happens, Sonic.EXE regularly appears in fan-made mods of the popular rhythm game. For example, Friday Night Funkin' Vs. Sonic.EXE 2.0 by RightBurstUltra features a very challenging version of the game that faces you off against a disturbing Sonic. Somehow, it turns out that Sonic.EXE becomes even creepier when he's spastically dancing to fast-paced, eerie music.

Another popular FNF mod is FNF Sonic.EXE Test by Bot Studio. The mod takes inspiration from RightBurstUltra's version of FNF. But in Bot Studio's version, the competitive element has been removed. FNF Sonic.EXE Test allows players to mess around with Sonic's creepy dance moves, with either the classic Sonic.EXE or the strange depiction featured in the Friday Night Funkin' Vs. Sonic.EXE mod. As you hit the arrow keys to test the dance moves, the bizarre musical notes also play, completing the unique, disturbing experience.


Friday Night Funkin' Vs. Sonic.EXE 2.0


One of the Best Fan-Made Sonic Games 

Based on the creepypasta that spawned from the beloved Sonic the Hedgehog series, Sonic.EXE - The Game is a fun fan-made Sonic game that brings an unexpected genre into the universe. Explore a bloody and destroyed world while Sonic.EXE brings chaos and murder.

Players give chase as one of the various Sonic characters. Survive and get rid of the evil from the sad remnants of the real Sonic's home. Check out new areas and gather the secrets. Expect the unexpected as Sonic.EXE hunts after players in its quest to spread madness and evil throughout the world.

[Sonic and Sonic the Hedgehog are the credit of SEGA and are registered trademarks of SEGA Holdings Co., Ltd.]


Explore the dark universe of Sonic.EXE - The Game. In this fan-made game, the player must save Mobius from the creepypasta spawn of Sonic the Hedgehog.
Developer MY5TCrimson
Price Free
Released 24 July, 2013
Website View site
Publisher MY5TCrimson
Version 7.0.0
Author James
James is a video game and gear enthusiast who loves tower defense, driving, and strategy games. He resides with his wife and daughter in Victoria, BC, Canada.

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