Will You Snail?

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Released 9 March, 2022
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Publisher Jonas Tyroller
Version 1.0

About Will You Snail?

Will You Snail? - To Snail, or Not To Snail, That Is the Question

A Masochistic Journey Through Squid’s Ever-Changing Playground



A Unique New Platformer

If you think the new 2D adventure platformer, Will You Snail? is like every other platformer, think again. Developed and published by independent game designer Jonas Tyroller, Will You Snail? will frustrate you, taunt you, and beat you down every step of the way. And you'll love every minute of it.

Will You Snail?—available for PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation—offers a unique spin on the classic arcade-style platformers. In fact, this game brings some new flavor to the platformer genre in more ways than one.


Will You Snail? | Credit: Jonas Tyroller


Battling Through Squid's Harsh World

Like other games in this genre, players move from one area to the next -- avoiding obstacles, solving puzzles, and of course, running and jumping all over the place. However, unlike other platformers, Will You Snail? is constantly changing around you as you play.

The general concept of the game is that an evil AI character named Squid controls everything happening around you. Your character is (as you may have guessed) a snail, and you have to fight your way through the challenges that Squid throws at you. 

Squid doesn't just create obstacles and challenges, though. As if that weren't challenging enough, he also verbally mocks and taunts you throughout the entire game. He'll call you names, brag about his ability, and laugh at your misery every time you fail. This concept adds an immense amount of humor to the gameplay experience and is a significant part of what makes Will You Snail? stand out.

Concept Rating: 5/5


Will You Snail? | Credit: Jonas Tyroller


Colorful, Nice-Looking Visuals

Will You Snail? is a brightly colored, aesthetically pleasing game. The graphics aren't anything spectacular, but the mix of a black background with colorful lighting effects is nice to look at. The color palette shifts from stage to stage, and at times, it kind of feels like your character is leaping around a disco (in a good way).

The game's animations are nice and smooth, and everything runs pretty fluidly. As for the audio, the true highlight is the constant presence of Squid's condescending voice. However, Will You Snail? also has a subtle soundtrack that you'll find yourself vibing to before long.

Graphics & Audio Rating: 4/5


Will You Snail? | Credit: Jonas Tyroller


No Two Playthroughs Are the Same

This platformer is difficult, but playing Will You Snail? is all about accepting failure. Whether you're a skilled, hardcore gamer or a total novice, your character is going to die, probably more than a few times. Since new obstacles, challenges, and solutions are popping up around you at all times, you have to be willing to learn from your mistakes and adapt your strategy.

Those constantly evolving challenges are the beauty of the gameplay, though. No matter how much you play, Will You Snail? always feels relatively fresh. The game's AI, Squid, makes things harder, different, or even easier for you based on your choices and performance. Each time you play through a level, it's guaranteed to be significantly different from previous times you've played it.

Squid's Antics

While playing Will You Snail? you need to be on your toes all of the time. When you enter a new stage, it may look like there's not much going on in terms of obstacles or enemies. However, Squid will undoubtedly start throwing challenges your way as soon as you begin to navigate through the level.

The evil AI Squid tries to predict your movement a few seconds ahead of time and uses that information to stop you from reaching the end of the level.

There are many different ways that Squid will mess with you, not counting the constant verbal abuse. For example, a spike might shoot out of the ground directly in front of you. Or a turret may pop up and shoot a laser beam at you. Maybe, a group of jellyfish will appear and start swimming right toward you.

Squid is always attempting to predict your next move, so you need to be able to react fast when he materializes a new obstacle. Fortunately, the game's AI can also recognize if you're getting overwhelmed. If you're dying all the time without making much progress, Squid will most likely dial down the difficulty level; if he doesn't, you can also lower it manually.

A lot of levels in Will You Snail? are relatively empty by default. The challenge comes from the interactions with the evil AI.

One frustrating aspect of the gameplay is that, occasionally, AI-generated obstacles or enemies will appear in such a way that it's impossible to dodge them. It doesn't happen too often, but it certainly makes for an annoying death when it does.

A Variety of Optional Puzzles and Bonus Levels

Puzzles are a large aspect of Will You Snail? but only if you want them to be. In addition to the typical platform levels, the game features a variety of optional puzzles and bonus levels. The difficulty levels of the puzzles range from simple and relaxing to frustratingly challenging.

If you're looking for a quicker, more concise playthrough, you'll probably want to skip most of the puzzles and bonus levels. However, if you aren't in a hurry, they provide a nice change of pace and stretch out the gameplay experience.

Gameplay Rating: 5/5


Will You Snail? | Credit: Jonas Tyroller


How to Join the Fun

Will You Snail? was officially released on March 9th, 2022. Priced at only $14.99, the adventure platformer is more affordable than many new releases. Not only is this game worth that price, but you'll get quite a bargain for the unique challenge that awaits.


Will You Snail? | Credit: Jonas Tyroller


This Recipe of Humor, Challenge, and Adventure Tastes Just Right

In a gaming genre that has seen so many titles over the years, it's difficult for a new release to stand out. For a new platformer to be recognized, there needs to be something truly unique and novel about what the game brings to the table. Will You Snail? doesn't just offer one unique element; it offers two.

Even if the only novel thing about the game were its AI-generated, constantly changing gameplay, it would still be an above-average platformer. That isn't the case, though. To make the gameplay experience feel even more different and refreshing, Will You Snail? also keeps you laughing the whole time, thanks to Squid's nonstop verbal assault.

With most games, character deaths and other failures tend to be frustrating occurrences that may even sour your mood or cause you to put down the controller. In Will You Snail?, though, every one of those failures will be immediately followed by Squid's arrogant voice tossing out a mocking quip or jab. Sure, you'll be frustrated, but you won't be able to help but smile.

Plus, even after you beat Will You Snail?, you can always fire it back up and start over. Every time you play, you'll have a different experience, and you'll probably hear a few new jokes from Squid, too.

Replay Value Rating: 5/5


The Pros

  • Hilarious AI voiceover.
  • The game's ever-changing nature makes for challenging gameplay that never gets stale.
  • Bright, colorful graphics look great.
  • Dynamic difficulty caters to players of all skill levels.

The Cons

  • Now and then, it can be unreasonably challenging.
  • Although the graphics look nice, the stages could have more detail.
  • Since each playthrough takes only 4-6 hours, it may leave you wanting more.


Will You Snail? | Credit: Jonas Tyroller



Will You Snail? is a unique 2D platformer that will challenge you and make you laugh.

Will You Snail is an action-packed platformer with a unique twist. Avoid obstacles, solve puzzles, and fight your way through every challenge the evil AI entity Squid throws your way!
Developer Jonas Tyroller
Price Free
Released 9 March, 2022
Website View site
Publisher Jonas Tyroller
Version 1.0
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