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Lunime is an independent video game development studio based in Illinois, USA. In 2015, Lunime began as a one-person show starring the talented Lucas “Luni” Lee. As a young developer and manga fan, Lucas found a platform to showcase his artistic talent by creating a unique series of anime-style gacha games.

In the last few years, Lunime’s chibi-style role-playing games have seen a surge in popularity which has contributed to the growth of their development team and their catalog of games. Lunime is best known for Gacha Life, Gachaverse, and Gacha Club, however, there are currently 14 games in Lunime’s Gacha Universe. The games are free-to-play and playable offline on Windows PC, Android, and iOS.*

In Lunime’s Gacha Universe, players can create and collect different chibi-style OCs, customize their characters and backdrops, battle other players, and so much more. Lunime gives players the ultimate level of control with the ability to fully customize their gameplay experience, which has contributed to the studios growing success and fanbase. However, Lunime is much more than a famous collection of gacha games. The indie studio gives players an interactive platform to express their creativity, but there is also a huge social element to Lunime's Gacha Universe.

Lunime is known for having a massive online community of fans from all over the world. They have made a place for fans to create, share, and connect with friends and other fans safely and engagingly. From short films to music videos, fans have the freedom to create and share their content with the Lunime fandom.

You can connect with Lunime and other fans on several social platforms. These include Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, DeviantArt, and Tumblr.

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All Games Created by Lunime

Gacha Club

Gacha Club is the much-anticipated sequel to Gacha Life. Players will get the ultimate all-in-one gacha experience with this Lunime game. By combining fashion, role-playing, mini-games, monster battles, and four different modes, there is never a dull moment when you play Gacha Club.

Gacha Life

Live your best anime life in Gacha Life! This simulation game allows players to customize chibi-style OCs, create and share stories, meet NPCs, play mini-games, farm for gems, and so much more.

Gachaverse (RPG & Anime Dress Up)

Gachaverse is the next chapter of Gacha World. As a new Gacha Summoner, you must end the corruption and restore peace to the Gachaverse. Players can discover hundreds of new characters and features in this fun Lunime title. From an RPG Battle System to eight different modes, there is much more to come in this epic sequel.

Gacha Studio (Anime Dress Up)

This casual game allows players to dress up and stylize their characters by choosing from a massive collection of clothes, eyeshades, skin tones, weapons, and more. Players can collect and gacha pets to train for combat and feature them in their studio scenes. 

Pocket Chibi — Anime Dress Up

Become the ultimate chibi creator with this extensive offline library of fun features. After designing your perfect chibi character, head to the studio to create your montage. Add pets and props, and choose from various special effects to make your scene even more fun. Connect with players from around the world and share your unique creation.

Gacha World

Save the world in style! Dress up and customize your Gacha Summoner. Earn gems by farming, boss battles, challenging other players, and more. Enter the Gacha League and learn all you can about other players and their stories. This knowledge is key to saving the world from the corruption that is taking over.

Rate My OC

Share your original character with the world! Upload your OC and customize your biography with any detail you could imagine. From your relationship status to likes and dislikes, how you tell your story is up to you. Check out other OCs and earn gems through various achievements. Does your OC have what it takes to be number one?

Gacha Memories — Anime Visual Novel

This dramatic adventure game is Lunime's first visual novel. The story picks up where Gacha World left off as you become the heroic Gacha Summoner once more. Players choose from six unique character routes, and each choice takes a different turn in the game. The choose-your-own-adventure gameplay allows players to experience a variety of adventures which keeps the game engaging and fun. Can you be the hero the Luniverse needs you to be?

Gacha Resort

Saving the world is a lot of work. So, players can head to the beach in this role-playing game. Gacha different chibi-style characters, dress up your units in the trendiest beach attire, play beach mini-games, collect shells and gems, battle enemies, enjoy some r&r at the resort, and so much more!

Meme Gacha!

This casual game was created in only three days and released as an April Fools Day joke. Players can gacha over 150 randomized memes based on the different Lunime characters, which also happen to be voiced by the Lunime staff members.

Anime Gacha! (Simulator & RPG)

This free-to-play gacha simulation game is unique in allowing players an infinite amount of character pulls. Players can gacha over 180 characters and level up by pulling duplicates. Recruit your team of five to battle raid bosses in epic turn-based combat. Players can compete in several leaderboards, complete special quests, and more.

Neko Gacha — Cat Collector

Cat lovers unite! This free-to-play cat collection game is similar to Gacha Resort. Collect cats, stylize your cat room and yard, play cute mini-games, and win gems and coins to use in the Gacha Machine. Explore the world of Neko Gacha by checking out your friends' rooms and meeting their cute kitties.

Anime Fidget Spinner Battle

This arcade game is an ultra-realistic fidget spinner simulator. Players can gacha over 100 different characters, each with their own fidget spinner. Players must train and level up their anime characters to get battle-ready. Compete in five unique battle modes to earn gems and collect even more fidget spinners.

Anime Arcade!

Play a variety of anime-styled arcade games. Each game features Anime Gacha characters and has two modes for players to choose from - Easy and Hard. Put your arcade gaming skills to the ultimate test and compete with other players to be number one on the corresponding leaderboards. Good luck!


*Note: Rate My OC and Gacha Resort are only available to play on Android. All other Lunime games are playable on both iOS and Android devices. Only Gacha Club, Gacha Life, and Gachaverse are available for Windows PC.