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Released 19 June, 2018
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Publisher Lunime
Version 0.7.8

About Gachaverse

Gachaverse - All Dressed-Up and Ready to Go

If you like anime dress-up RPGs, then Gachaverse has gotcha covered! 


Time to Get Dressed

Lunime's Gachaverse is a free-to-play dress-up game that is a part of the Gacha Universe. It is compatible with multiple platforms including Windows, Android, and iOS. It has found a niche market with younger gamers and fans of anime-style RPGs.



What is Gachaverse?

Gachaverse is rumored to play a major role in Lunime's growing Gacha Universe. Continue the adventures of Gacha World in this anime dress-up RPG. This Early Access title tasks players to fight to save the Gachaverse from evil and corruption... in style. Gachaverse features over 100 different chibi-style characters, new styles, and features as well as in-game purchases. 

Concept Rating: 4/5



Animating Anime

Gachaverse has some noteworthy visuals. The graphics and art style displayed in this indie game are surprisingly sophisticated. The setting and background are visually appealing, plus, the 100 in-game characters feature vibrant new appearances, a variety of clothing, and assorted accessories.

...sophisticated...detailed and...vibrant…

The visuals are detailed and the colors are vibrant yet soothing and not overly insistent. The voice acting is also exceptional and certainly adds to the overall fun of the character interactions.

Graphics & Audio Rating 4/5



Playing Dress-Up

If you’re new to Lunime's Gacha Universe, Gachaverse’s homepage offers new players instructions as to how to use the Gachaverse controls. The directions there will allow even novices to navigate the game’s controls with comfort, ease, and speed. 

“...Gachasword has exclusively chosen you to be a summoner in the fabulous Gachaverse.”

Indeed, the overall fluidity of the controls may even make it addictive. More specifically, if you are a typical smartphone-reliant gamer who is only able to play comparatively inferior characters in limited, freemium gacha games. You become frustrated by the limitations, and in a moment of despair, you find yourself aimlessly wandering through the streets. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a shining sword appears in the alley. It is the great Gachasword. You reach out and take it into your hands. Soon, you discover you are in the famous world of Gachas. For reasons yet unknown, the mysterious Gachasword has exclusively chosen you to be a summoner in the fabulous Gachaverse.

Now, you will set yourself to the task of creating your own, individualistic chibi-style characters. You will customize them and dress them up in different styles and outfits of your choice. You will also be able to use the Skit Maker which allows you to create and engage in your scenarios. The Skit Maker also allows you to decorate your private room to your tastes. Being able to fully customize your character and scenes makes the gameplay extremely engaging and fun.

“There are over 100 characters and numerous dressing styles!”

Even thoughGachaverse is an Early Access game, the gameplay is relatively bug-free, however, it does lack major RPG elements. The game is currently more focused on character customization rather than battles, however, Lumine says those are to be added soon.

Then again, if you love designing your characters, you will still find Gachaverse to be quite enjoyable and see its potential. Indeed, before unlocking the video game’s actual storyline and engaging the system, you are required to construct and customize several characters. The variety and versatility make Gachaverse's character customization system very impressive. Players have a variety of options to choose from. There are numerous backgrounds, accessories, hairstyles, outfits, facial expressions, and even weapons. The color options are also remarkable.

Gameplay Rating: 4/5



Clothing Thoughts

Overall, Gachaverse is an anime dress-up RPG that allows players to tell a stylish story. Players develop unique characters and even get to create their scenarios as a further expression of personal creativity. If you like casual games and exercising your creativity then this free-to-play Early Access game is worth a play.

Replayability: 4/5



Gachaverse is a fun anime dress-up simulation game with a major emphasis on player creativity.

Save the Gachaverse in style! Customize your character, create scenes, make stories, decorate your room -- with friends around the world.
Developer Lunime
Price Free
Released 19 June, 2018
Website View site
Publisher Lunime
Version 0.7.8
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