The Cycle: Frontier

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Released 8 June, 2022
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Publisher YAGER
Version 1.2.0

About The Cycle: Frontier

The Cycle: Frontier - Loot Rules All

An Expedition to Prospect and Survive a Strange Alien World



A Unique New Shooter From YAGER

Described as a "competitive quest shooter," The Cycle: Frontier is a novel new multiplayer action game developed and published by YAGER Development. The novel PvPvE game takes the first-person shooter genre and inserts looting and arena battle game elements. The Cycle: Frontier, which is free-to-play on PC, brings to the table suspense, adventure, and plenty of danger.


The Cycle: Frontier | Credit: YAGER


Lootin' and Shootin'

The Cycle: Frontier takes place in the world of Fortuna III in a universe where interstellar travel is the norm. Fortuna III has loads of valuable resources and treasures, and when you start the game, you and other players are dropped down onto the surface and tasked with collecting as many of them as possible. It's every player for themself, though, and every piece of loot your opponent scores is a piece you don't have.

Drop down onto the surface and fill your pockets with treasures and resources. Be wary, though. Only those who make it out alive are allowed to keep their spoils.

While battling against other players and surviving environmental threats, you must collect as much treasure as possible, catch a ride on an evac ship, secure your loot at the Prospect Station, and gear up to do it all again. As you scour Fortuna III, you'll complete contracts and earn points, and if you finish with more points than your opponents, you'll earn that sweet taste of victory.

Concept Rating: 5/5


The Cycle: Frontier | Credit: YAGER


Exploring a Lush Environment

The Cycle: Frontier features crisp, vibrant graphics, and the game's setting of Fortuna III is lush, strange, and diverse. The game strategically uses bright sunlight and dark shadows to create a world that feels both alien and realistic. 

As you navigate the mysterious planet, odd-looking vegetation and breathtaking geographical features surround you. You may see a flock of alien birds flying overhead or come across a bubbling primordial swamp. The design of the world is inventive and fully realized, making it easy to become immersed. 

Another area where the game stands out is its sound design. The gunfire sounds are clean and powerful, and when one of your enemies is running up on you, you can make out their oncoming footsteps. Plus, the many other incredible sound effects, such as a shuttle landing or a devastating storm raging in the skies above.

Graphics & Audio Rating: 5/5


The Cycle: Frontier | Credit: YAGER


Finders Keepers

When starting a new game on The Cycle: Frontier, your first step is to gear up, selecting which guns, armor, and accessories you'll be taking with you down to the surface of Fortuna III. The game offers several weapons to choose from, catering to all kinds of playstyles and preferences. Once you've figured out your kit, your character is taken down to the alien planet to complete prospecting contracts, deploying solo or in a team with one, two, or three other players.

If you decide to start a game as a solo player, you'll need to be on top of your game. Because teams of various sizes are in each match, grouping up with a couple of your friends can be advantageous. Alternatively, if you encounter a 3-person team while you're prospecting solo, you may be in a world of trouble.

Regardless of your team size, your mission on Fortuna III is to collect resources and treasure. You'll be mining rocks, taking samples of the local flora and fauna, and uncovering a variety of valuables. However, it isn't as simple as taking a casual stroll and scoring a ton of loot.

Your Treasures Are Never Safe

As you're scouring the surface of Fortuna III for as much loot as you can carry, other players will regularly arrive on the planet attempting to do the same. Frequently, your prospecting expedition will turn into an intense gun battle, and if you come out on top, you get to claim everything your victim has collected. However, if your opponent can take you out, you lose all your loot and gear.

Dying and losing everything you've worked to collect is frustrating, especially the first couple of times. However, it's very satisfying when you win a battle—particularly if you're outnumbered or facing an adversary with more powerful gear. If you don't want to lose your weapons and other equipment upon death, you can preemptively ensure them to guarantee either a replacement or a currency replacement.

Environmental Hazards

It isn't only the other players that you have to worry about while you're navigating the mysterious alien planet. For one thing, the radioactive storm deemed the "Cycle," which is what wiped out the world's civilization, is still a real threat. Beyond that, you'll regularly find yourself face-to-face with alien wildlife and raging reptilian monsters.

The storm is still a threat, yet the surface is full of spoils and treasures. Will you hunker down to survive the stormy night or use this risky opportunity to look for rare materials?

Sometimes, even when you survive the immediate threat of a horrifying creature attacking you, you've only fought half the battle. Fighting off monsters is sure to make quite a bit of noise, and that may be all it takes to attract another team of prospectors to your position.

The Prospect Station

Once you've accumulated enough loot that you don't want to risk losing it all, you can catch a ride on an evac ship, which will take you safely away from Fortuna III and deliver you to the Prospect Station. 

Think of the Prospect Station as your home base. While you're there, you can upgrade your gear, purchase new equipment, implement mods for your weapons, and even use collected resources to improve your character's living quarters on the ship. Then, when you're ready, you can drop back onto the treacherous planet and do it all again.

Gameplay Rating: 4/5


The Cycle: Frontier | Credit: YAGER


Put Your Wallet Away

The Cycle: Frontier launched on June 8th, 2022, and is free-to-play via Steam. The content may be a bit limited, and there are occasional bugs, but this game provides a fantastic package for a free title. Also, there are a few add-on packs at various price points for special gear, outfits, and weapon skins, but they're far from necessary to experience the game.


The Cycle: Frontier | Credit: YAGER


A Fun Looter-Shooter in an Awesome Setting

The Cycle: Frontier isn't particularly complex and doesn't offer a deep storyline or cinematic multiplayer gaming experience. However, for what it is, the game provides plenty of fun and excitement. If you go into playing the game with the right expectations, you'll have a wonderful time.

The game's biggest strengths are the beautiful setting of Fortuna III and the engaging gunfights. The looting aspect can get a little dull after a while, but the fast-paced, challenging action pops up plenty often, and if you want, you can style your gameplay towards hunting down other players rather than passively collecting loot.

Replay Value Rating: 3/5


The Good

  • Unique, gorgeous setting.
  • Good selection of weapons and gear.
  • Top-notch sound design.
  • It's free-to-play.

The Bad

  • Playing solo is a disadvantage.
  • Occasional glitches.
  • Looting is somewhat repetitive.


The Cycle: Frontier | Credit: YAGER



The Cycle: Frontier is an enjoyable looter-shooter that drops players into an incredible alien world and equips them with badass weaponry.

Become a Prospector on a mysterious alien world of Fortuna III. Gather resources and battle other prospectors and monsters in the ultimate test for survival.
Developer YAGER
Price Free
Released 8 June, 2022
Website View site
Publisher YAGER
Version 1.2.0
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