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Tuxedo Labs, nestled in the heart of Malmö, Sweden, is a game studio playing by its own rules. The studio was born when Dennis Gustafsson, an indie-game veteran from Mediocre AB, teamed up with fellow Mediocre alum Emil Bengtsson. The two video game enthusiasts made the leap, determined to push gaming technology and gameplay beyond its known boundaries.

Their weapon of choice? Building their own game engines and tools, just like the game masters of old. Their first mission? Creating Teardown, a revolutionary game that masterfully blends voxel technology with destruction physics and ray tracing to produce a gaming experience like no other.

In 2022, Tuxedo Labs embarked on two significant adventures. First, Dennis strategically separated his personal brand, Voxagon, from Tuxedo Labs, reinforcing the studio's unique identity. Second, the studio became a part of the more prominent Embracer Group family, a shift that was met with great excitement from the gaming community. As a part of Embracer Group, Tuxedo Labs continues to innovate and push the envelope, ready to take gamers on some of the wildest rides they've ever imagined.

Check out Teardown below.