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Samurai Punk is a trailblazing game development studio hailing from Melbourne, Australia. Known for their whimsical and avant-garde gaming titles, Samurai Punk has established a distinctive position in the industry through their unique and unconventional approach to game development. The company was established in 2014 by creative visionaries Nicholas McDonnell and Winston Tang. Their portfolio boasts of some of the most unusual and innovative titles in the gaming world, including Screencheat, The American Dream, JUSTICE SUCKS, and the latest addition, KILLBUG.

Samurai Punk was born from McDonnell and Tang's mutual fascination with the extraordinary and peculiar. This distinct preference manifests in their game designs, delivering distinctive and immersive gaming experiences. Samurai Punk takes great pride in its creative team that has the prowess to conceptualize and develop games that are not just unique but also compelling, captivating gamers across the globe.

In the wake of JUSTICE SUCKS, Samurai Punk embarked on a new adventure. McDonnell spearheaded a side project, initially known as "A Bug's Death," which quickly evolved into a full-fledged Samurai Punk game - KILLBUG. Seeing its potential, the Samurai Punk team jumped on board and poured their creativity and expertise into the project.

In June 2023, Samurai Punk released a significant content update for KILLBUG, Blood for the Deceiver. This free update introduced new enemies, abilities, and accessibility options. This update underscored Samurai Punk's dedication to their gaming community, directly incorporating player-suggested features and continually introducing new hidden surprises for players to uncover.

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