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Released 21 December, 2017
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Publisher PUBG Studios, KRAFTON
Version 15.2


PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS - Drop Into An Exciting Battle Royale!

Do You Have What It Takes to Be the Last Player Standing?



Where It All Started

PUBG: Battlegrounds is the massively popular battle royale developed and published by PUBG Studios, a subsidiary of KRAFTON. The online multiplayer game was an immediate hit upon release and has become one of the most-played video games of all time. Much of its success and sustained popularity is due to its concept, which is simultaneously simple yet captivating.


PUBG: Battlegrounds | Developer: KRAFTON & PUBG Studios


Entering the World of PUBG: Battlegrounds

PUBG: Battlegrounds is an action-adventure battle royale that transports you and your customizable character to one of several possible maps, where you will battle up to 99 other players until only one player (or team) is left standing. You'll begin each match without any gear, but the scattered buildings and ghost towns you come across present the opportunity to find weapons, armor, and even vehicles.

While you scavenge and battle your opponents, the map will gradually shrink, so you must stay within what's called the Blue Zone. Any player caught outside the safe zone will face gradual damage and elimination. You might even see certain areas hit with fly-by bombs for added intensity.

On average, each match is over in less than 30 minutes, and the in-game currency earned can be spent on cosmetic upgrades and customizations. Naturally, performing better on the battlefield will result in a more fruitful bounty.

Concept Rating: 4/5 


PUBG: Battlegrounds | Developer: KRAFTON & PUBG Studios


How Does It Look and Sound?

The graphics of PUBG: Battlegrounds aren't anything groundbreaking. However, the variety of maps and level of character customization helps the game compensate for its average looks. The different environments and the customizable character clothing lend some diversity to both the feel and setting of the game.

Because of the fast-paced, non-stop action that the battle royale genre provides, it's easy to become immersed in the experience without worrying as much about the quality of the graphics. The loud combat noises—including the satisfying, realistic sounds of the various guns firing and reloading—really help pull you into the experience.

Graphics & Audio Rating: 3/5 


PUBG: Battlegrounds | Developer: KRAFTON & PUBG Studios


Experiencing PUBG: Battlegrounds

When you enter a PUBG: Battlegrounds match, you have the choice of entering alone, with a partner, or in a team of up to four people. Once the matchmaking process has finished, you and as many as 99 other players will drop from planes and glide down via parachute to different parts of the map. You don't have any control over where the plane carrying you flies, but you are granted some autonomy in deciding when to drop and in steering toward your landing spot.

You and your opponents will land on one of four possible maps, each of which offers a different style of environment. For example, the Sanhok map features an Asian jungle setting, whereas Miramar surrounds players with dense urban areas and canyons. Players can also choose between a first and third-person perspective; each option has advantages regarding spatial awareness and combat.


PUBG: Battlegrounds | Developer: KRAFTON & PUBG Studios


The Battle Royale

Competing in a PUBG: Battlegrounds match is an intense, exciting experience. You get a rush of adrenaline right away as you and every one of your adversaries starts the game with a mad dash to seize weapons and equipment. Item distribution within each match is randomized, so experienced players don't necessarily have an advantage when finding the most powerful guns.

When it comes to weaponry, there is a lot to choose from, including handguns, military-grade assault rifles, handheld machetes, and more. Make sure you stock up on other valuable items such as medical supplies for healing your character, protective gear and clothing, and backpacks that allow you to carry extra items.

Once you've managed to equip yourself, the challenge becomes remaining the hunter rather than the hunted. Your enemies could be hiding anywhere among the trees, rocks, and ruined buildings, and they can attack you from any direction at any time. This cat-and-mouse gameplay is either rewarding or frustrating, depending on your performance.

The biggest thrills of the battle royale experience come from successfully sneaking up on an unsuspecting opponent or managing to slay an adversary who's wielding a far more powerful weapon than the one you carry. The excitement also stems from fighting to stay ahead of the shrinking playable area, which gets a bit tighter every few minutes.


The Blue Wall of Death

The safe portion of the map gradually reduces in size throughout each match, and this takes the form of a shimmering blue wall enveloping players and scenery alike. If you get caught within this forcefield, your character will start taking on incremental damage, which doesn't stop until you find your way back to safety or get eliminated. This element raises the intensity of the gameplay by adding a ticking clock element, and it also affects strategy as the arena gets smaller and smaller.

Because the matches typically host so many competitors, it's incredibly gratifying when you're able to survive to the end and claim victory. Granted, the large amount of competition also means that snagging wins requires a lot of skill and probably a fair bit of luck.

Gameplay Rating: 4/5 


PUBG: Battlegrounds | Developer: KRAFTON & PUBG Studios


How to Join the Fun

A beta version of the thrilling deathmatch game was released for Windows users through Steam in March 2017, and the full PC game launched in December of the same year. By September 2018, versions for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Android, and iOS had launched.

Currently, PUBG: Battlegrounds costs a reasonable $29.99 on Steam for PC and PlayStation 4. For the Xbox One version, you can snatch it up for quite a bargain at $16.99. 

However, in December 2021, the developers announced that PUBG: Battlegrounds is free-to-play as of Jan 12th, 2022, so pre-register here!


PUBG: Battlegrounds | Developer: KRAFTON & PUBG Studios


A Nice Dose of Fast-Paced Excitement

PUBG: Battlegrounds doesn't try to be anything more than it is, which serves it quite well. Most fans of the PvP shooter genre are looking for quick, exciting action, and that's what it delivers. The concept is simple, but let's be honest: there's nothing wrong with simple.

The ability to jump into a match on a whim and have a 30-minute joyride with your friends is appealing to many gamers, and it's easy to see why PUBG: Battlegrounds gained the popularity and success that it did.

That said, the novelty of the concept does gradually wear off a bit as you play, and the gameplay style can become repetitive over time. Any regular players will likely crave the occasional break, but that enthusiasm for the game should come back strong after taking a day or two off.


Reasons to Play

• Fast-paced and exciting gameplay
• Diverse selection of weaponry and equipment
• Cool map-shrinking concept
• Variety of settings

Reasons to Pass

• Gameplay can get repetitive after a while
• Graphics are nothing special
• Long winless streaks are common, which can get frustrating

Replay Value Rating: 4/5


PUBG: Battlegrounds | Developer: KRAFTON & PUBG Studios



PUBG: Battlegrounds is a challenging battle royale that offers plenty of gameplay diversity and competitive fun, which keeps players coming back for more.

Dive into one of the world's most popular battle royale games! Scavenge for supplies and battle up to 99 other players on a secluded island -- only one can be the ultimate victor.
Developer PUBG Studios, KRAFTON
Price Free
Released 21 December, 2017
Website View site
Publisher PUBG Studios, KRAFTON
Version 15.2
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