Pokemon Cafe Mix

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Released 23 June, 2020
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Publisher Nintendo
Version 1.0

About Pokemon Cafe Mix

Pokémon Café Mix - Open a Coffee Shop With Some Pokémon-themed Help

Puzzle-based match game on Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS.


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Free-to-Play Pokémon Fun!

Pokémon is a decades-long worldwide phenomenon with no signs of slowing down. The puzzle game was released in summer 2020 and featured classic mechanics with a few new twists.

Since then, with several extensive updates, it proves a powerhouse of a free-to-play game. Craft charming Pokémon-themed drinks with the help of some adorable friends like Eevee, Snubbull, and tons of others!


Mixing and Matching Tiles Makes a Mean Mocha

This title takes a classic puzzle format and adds in normal Pokémon from all franchise generations. Structured in a linear format, progress by unlocking new and interesting mechanics. It also adds more complex puzzles to solve.

Levels start with cascades of different tiles. Objectives vary, like point requirements or clearing special tiles. Clearing tiles is as easy as selecting and dragging them around, matching them up with others like them. Create massive combos by connecting lots of tiles that unleash the Pokémon's special move.

It's a classic, 4/5 concept that adds Pokémon and maintains a solid, puzzle feel.


Pokemon Cafe Mix


Top-Notch Cuteness

Everything charming about Pokémon debuts in Pokémon Café Mix. If you love Pikachu's trademark look, the graphics & audio are a solid 4/5. However, Pikachu's only one of the countless helpers you'll encounter. The menu system is organized directly in a cafe setting, so you're always checking out who is visiting your little piece of Poke-heaven.

The levels themselves are clean, and it's easy to maneuver around them. The streamlined controls make it easy to look around and switch things up, from your decorations in the cafe to what Pokémon are on your team.

The audio is the quintessential franchise, featuring upbeat tunes and plenty of notification and update sounds. Most of these are adjustable in the audio settings, a nice expanded change of pace.



Endless Levels Stuffed with Challenges

Pokémon Café Mix features free updates because it's already a free-to-play game. These updates ensure there are a plethora of levels that continue unlocking a great selection of Pokémon. Additionally, you can purchase some specialty Pokémon like Pikachu in a Snorlax outfit!

Of course, each Pokémon has its special ability. As I mentioned, different levels have different objectives. You must mix and match your Pokémon team accordingly, as their powers come in particularly important when you have a limited set of moves and tons of tiles to clear!

Of course, there are in-app purchase options, but they are largely there to help speed things along if you're a power gamer. For casual players, everything you need is built right into the 4/5 gameplay system!



A Scramble Worth Seeking Out

Plenty of free-to-play games feel gimmicky. Pokémon manages to time and time again make solid releases, and Pokémon Café Mix is no exception. The matching puzzle levels feature heavy strategy and planning via team-building. The levels progress at a decent difficulty rate, and the store feels more like an added benefit than a costly necessity. Pokémon fans won't want to miss this puzzle-based Pikachu-filled pick!



Pokémon Café Mix is the free-to-play turn-based puzzle game available on Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS devices.

Pokémon Café Mix is a fun puzzle-based match game where the player is tasked with running a café where the customers are adorable Pokémon.
Developer Genius Sonority, The Pokémon Company
Price Free
Released 23 June, 2020
Website View site
Publisher Nintendo
Version 1.0

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