Legends of Runeterra

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Released 29 April, 2020
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Publisher Riot Games
Version 1.0

About Legends of Runeterra

Legends of Runeterra - A League of Legends Card Game

Legends of Runeterra takes the best of League of Legends and turns it into a card game.

A Casual CCG

Legends of Runeterra is a free-to-play digital card game. Players can build a deck and customize it accordingly, playing other players in a one-versus-one game. The game takes place in the League of Legends universe, with many players, settings, and concepts overlapping.


It's All In The Hand

The appeal of deck-building games comes in how you, as a player, build a deck. Like other card games, Runeterra gives you a variety of options and potential strategies. Your job is to find what deck works best for you, and build your way forward from there. Indeed, in some ways, this deck building is the most fun part of the game. Thankfully, Legends of Runeterra gives you a slew of options for how to build your deck. The connection to League of Legends adds excitement to your hand, regardless of whether or not you play the popular game.



Not THAT Noise Again

To the game's credit, it doesn't fall into the "dark and brooding" trap that far too many card games do. The colors are vibrant, lush, fun, and atmospheric. Animations are quick and sharp. The game is engaging, and it keeps you coming back for more.

The soundtrack is nothing to write home about, but it at least has the decency of being original and keeping you engaged. Warning: Play the game too much, and you will hear the sound effects in your sleep. Unfortunately, this is standard with many deck-building games, and there's not a whole lot you can do about it.




Familiar Mechanics

Players start with four cards in their deck and can trade out cards at the start of every game. Players will typically gain mana and switch the attacking and defense position with every turn. Players start with twenty health points and battle it out, with the loser being the person who loses all of their health.

As the game goes on, mana increases, enabling players to play more powerful cards.

Like many card games, the game is easy to play, but difficult to master. The true skill and gameplay involved in building a deck that synergizes well together, combining cards to form unstoppable attacks and solid defenses that cannot be breached. However, there are some twists on standard mechanics, like a preview function that allows players to see how a potential attack will go.




Overall, LoR Is A Beautiful CCG 

The digital deckbuilding nature of the game makes it highly replayable. Different card types can be used in varying ways, with skilled players understanding the right way to build a solid deck.

Legends of Runeterra comes from Riot Games. It is free-to-play, but that doesn't mean that there aren't paid options, and players can purchase additional cards using real-world money. However, many critics noted that "the game is very generous with its free options, and players who just want to play for free have the chance to do so and enjoy the game."

The game is available on Windows, Android, and iOS systems.



Legends of Runeterra does a fantastic job of taking standard digital deck mechanics and incorporating the League of Legends world.

LoR is a League of Legends card game that takes familiar characters and turns them into a surprisingly deft digital card game.
Developer Riot Games
Price Free
Released 29 April, 2020
Website View site
Publisher Riot Games
Version 1.0
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