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Released 9 December, 2021
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Publisher 10 Chambers
Version 1.0

About GTFO

GTFO - Can You Survive the Nightmare?

Teamwork Is Your Only Chance of Surviving This World Full of Nightmares



A Psychological Thrill Ride From the Team at 10 Chambers

GTFO is a first-person shooter survival horror game developed and published by 10 Chambers. In December 2019, the 4-person cooperative made its Early Access debut.

After a couple of years of testing, GTFO launched its full release on December 9, 2021, and is available for Microsft Windows via Steam for $39.99.


GTFO | Credit: 10 Chambers


Team Up or Die

Fans of Left 4 Dead and Back 4 Blood are sure to enjoy this 4-player cooperative FPS. GTFO follows the nightmarish adventures of a group of prisoners forced to work for a mysterious Warden. The crew is trapt in an underground facility known as the Complex -- located on the site of the Chicxulub Crater, which formed during the asteroid strike that killed the dinosaurs over 66 million years ago.

As the prisoners explore and scavenge each level of the Complex, they must team up to survive the hideous monsters lurking in the darkness.

The overall atmosphere of GTFO is that of a nightmarish environment that transports players into a psychological thrill ride.

Similar to games like Left 4 Dead and Back 4 Blood, the concept behind GTFO is certainly not a unique one, but the game does deliver within its genre. 

Concept Rating: 4/5


GTFO | Credit: 10 Chambers


Details Are Everything

The visually impressive graphics are a big part of what makes GTFO such an engaging first-person shooter. The environment is pretty sparse, which helps the finer details stand out. From the diverse and horrifying monsters to the volumetric fog and lighting, 10 Chambers has ensured an atmosphere that achieves a comparable effect to many of the top survival horror games of all time. 

The audio effects in GTFO fill in where the impressive graphics leave off. The detailed sound design adds to the terrifying environment and can only be described as blood-curdling. From the sound of the characters breathing to the haunting snarling of monsters lurking in the darkness, the audio aspect of GTFO is a real winner. Players are left with the impression they can virtually feel the shells bouncing off the walls and floors as they fight off their enemies in this dungeon of horrors.

The final verdict on the graphics and audio of GTFO is that they add a lot to creating an immersive survival-horror gameplay experience.  

Graphics & Audio Rating: 4/5


GTFO | Credit: 10 Chambers


Scavenge, Explore, and Shoot Em’ Up

The gameplay is another strong area for GTFO. Once players are booted in, they can decide on the mission that they want to do. These missions are called Rundowns. 

In each Rundown, the Warden gives players a specific objective. Every Rundown has a time limit to ensure that the gameplay loop remains fresh. The expeditions within the Rundowns are numbers over a series of tiers. These are denoted using A, B, C, D, etc. 

The deeper players go into the facility, the greater the difficulty becomes. For this reason, it is advisable to play them in chronological order. Also, it is worth noting that the difficulty level of the later Rundowns is intense and truly shows how hard this game is.


Stealth Is Key

The tension in GTFO rises to peak levels as players try to sneak around the sleeping horrors lurking in the various levels of the facility. The lowest-level monsters can pose a problem, but it's only a matter of time before a player group runs into the real giants. 

When the stealth approach fails and the monsters begin to charge, players have no choice but to cooperate in a group effort to shoot their way through the chaos that ensues. 


Team Up to Survive

Having the right team capable of effectively cooperating is essential for success in GTFO. Options include hosting a lobby once a Rundown has been selected and inviting friends to join. It is also an option to use matchmaking to bring in other players. 

Lobbies can also be filled with bots for players who are looking for a more single-player experience. Bots follow the actions of the players. If a player engages enemies, the bots follow suit.

The gameplay in GTFO is another highly compelling aspect of the game. The only downside is an extreme difficulty level that might turn some players off. With this said, it is a cooperative first-person shooter game that is undeniably satisfying to play. 

Gameplay Rating: 4/5


GTFO | Credit: 10 Chambers


GTFO Purchase Guide

The Early Access release date for GTFO was in December 2019. Two years later, on December 9, 2021, the game welcomed its full release. GTFO's price tag of $39.99 on Steam is a fair one, given the impressive and immersive gameplay experience it offers. 


GTFO | Credit: 10 Chambers


An Addictive and Rewarding Experience

Overall, it is easy to see the appeal of GTFO. In the world of cooperative first-person shooters, this is a true standout. GTFO features addictive gameplay, excellent graphics, and a detailed audio design that synchronizes with the concept. The game accomplishes its goal of drawing players into the nightmarish hellscape that its creators have built while allowing them to work as a team to survive the terrors lurking in the darkness. 

Replay Value Rating: 4/5

The Pros

  • A compelling storyline.
  • Immersive cooperative gameplay experience.
  • Thrilling, even without jumpscares.

The Cons

  • The difficulty level might not be for everyone.


GTFO | Credit: 10 Chambers



GTFO is a nightmarishly fun take on the world of cooperative FPS survival-horror games.

GTFO is an award-winning cooperative survival horror shooter.
Developer 10 Chambers
Price Free
Released 9 December, 2021
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Publisher 10 Chambers
Version 1.0
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