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About Valve Index VR Kit

Valve Index VR Kit - High-Fidelity VR Technology

Everything You Need to Enter the Virtual Reality World



The Next Leap Forward in VR

While Valve wasn’t the first to arrive at the party, the Valve Index VR Kit has set a new standard. From its high-resolution LCD screens and 120Hz refresh rate to impressive full-bodied audio, the Index shows what’s possible with VR.




The Index VR headset offers thick padding, behind-the-head support, and several available adjustments to accommodate different players. You’ll notice the prominent Index audio ear speakers on either side of the headset that rest just off the ears for lasting comfort. Two front-facing cameras sit symmetrically on the bottom corners of the unit for enhanced visibility when needed. The design of the Index headset increases the field of view for a more immersive experience. The Index VR Kit also includes two ergonomic controllers that fit comfortably in the hands of the player. These controllers have trigger buttons, A and B buttons, and analog thumb sticks for precise movement. Two base stations come equipped with handy stands and allow the player a greater range of space than ever before. 




With its dual 1440x1600 RGB LCD screens and premium adapted lenses, the Index headset reduces the typical visual artifacts seen in other VR models. Index enhances the field of view and provides a stunning image that remains clear even along the edges of the screen. A native 120Hz refresh rate with an available but experimental 144Hz setting provides incredibly smooth gameplay that reduces overall eye fatigue.

The Index utilizes the popular and user-friendly Steam software that allows players to shop, play and review the latest titles. With a familiar and stable platform and a growing library of thousands of games, Steam provides a stress-free VR experience.

The off-ear headphones create an ultra-nearfield soundscape that seems to originate from the room around players instead of directly from the headphones. Powerful speaker drivers deliver a full frequency range with an almost 180-degree spreading pattern. 

The Index controllers are second to none regarding natural movement, individual finger recognition, and sensor technology. With 87 total controller sensors, players will feel more connected to the game with intuitive interaction recognized by Index’s powerful algorithms. 

The Index VR Kits included base stations that provide the gaming community with some of the most accurate movement registering available. Utilizing lasers, these base stations track 100 times a second, communicating with the headset and controller sensors for the precise player position.



Key Specifications

  • Boasts a maximum refresh rate of 144Hz for fluid and smooth movement through VR environments.
  • Has a 130-degree field of view for a more realistic VR experience. 
  • Controllers offer delicately tuned hand gestures and even open-handed throwing for natural VR interaction.
  • Base stations calculate player movement 100 times a second for accurate positioning and reduced lag. 




The Index VR Kit is available for $999 from Steam and includes two controllers, two base stations, and a free copy of the hit VR game, Half-Life: Alyx. Considering the VR technology present in the Index is superior to much of the competition, and the kit includes everything required to play, Valve has priced the unit reasonably. While it may be too costly for newcomers to VR, players familiar with the technology may want to invest in the high-quality Valve Index for a superior experience. 



The Verdict

Valve makes a compelling case to choose their hardware over competitors with high-resolution, high refresh rate, and high-performance tracking. Valve appears to have spared no expense during development, with premium headset, audio, controller, and base station technology. Players looking for a top-shelf VR experience should look no further than the Index VR Kit.

The Pros

  • The Index uses the Steam software platform.
  • Ultra nearfield audio reproduction.
  • Enhanced FOV for a more immersive experience.

The Cons

  • A bit pricey for newcomers to the VR space.
  • Off-ear headphone design allows others in the room to hear sounds.




The Index VR Kit is an impressive leap in VR technology and likely one of the best experiences available if players can reconcile the high price tag.

With advanced visuals, audio, and performance, the Valve Index VR Kit is the complete package.
Manufacturer Valve
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ABGames is supported by readers like you. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn a commission. Learn more.


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