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About NYXI Wizard

NYXI Wizard Wireless Joy-Pad - Retro Vibes 

The Classic Feel of a Game Cube Controller for Switch



Retro and Purple as Intended

The Game Cube was a revolutionary console in many ways, including its creative controller design. Unlike anything else to hit the market, the Game Cube controller featured multiple joysticks, a directional pad, and a unique A, B, X, and Y configuration. Gamers praised the Nintendo peripheral; however, the company moved on to other designs in the future. Now, gamers can swap out their Joy-Cons for a specialized Game Cube controller that snaps into place on each side of the Nintendo Switch OLED


Wizard Wireless Joy-Pad | By: NYXI



In keeping with the classic look, the NYXI Wizard is only available in purple and recreates the traditional button layout that Game Cube gamers remember. The Wizard can slide into the Joy-Con slots alongside the display or snap together while the Switch OLED is docked. One of the improvements to this product over the classic controller is the use of Hall Effect sticks. Hall Effect sticks use magnets for the analog joysticks instead of the typical design, which uses moving parts. With magnets, these sticks will likely never become worn or experience failure. 


Wizard Wireless Joy-Pad | By: NYXI



The NYXI Wizard fits snugly into the Switch OLED, similar to the Joy-Cons, and feels very close to the original Game Cube peripheral. The buttons offer a high-quality weight and bounce back, and the controller housing fits perfectly in the hands. The magnetic joysticks are smooth and accurate, and allow gamers to swap them out for custom control, which includes alternate joystick rings. You choose a diagonal border for action games like 2D fighters or install a full circle best suited for the latest modern titles. 


Wizard Wireless Joy-Pad | By: NYXI


Key Specifications

  • Mappable buttons on the front and rear of the Wizard provide gamers with a means to customize performance.
  • A, B, X, and Y buttons are backlit for better accessibility in low light and a neat visual effect.
  • Swappable joysticks for game-specific custom performance.
  • The Wizard can be used as a traditional controller or separated and snaped into the sides of the Switch for portable play. 


Wizard Wireless Joy-Pad | By: NYXI



The Wizard is available from NYXIgaming.com for $69.99. The initial release has already sold out due to immense popularity, and the company assured players more will be available in a few months. Considering the quality of construction and faithfulness to classic Game Cube design, the price point is competitive for gamers of all levels. 


Wizard Wireless Joy-Pad | By: NYXI


The Verdict

Sometimes when companies evolve, they leave behind specific designs that remain timeless and fondly remembered. The Game Cube controller was one product that gamers universally loved, and now with the Wizard, they can use those classic controls with the latest Nintendo Switch games. With magnetic joysticks, mappable buttons, swappable components, and the Wizards retro purple look, gamers are clamoring to add this to their gaming collections. 


The Pros 

  • Classic Game Cube layout and feel
  • Magnetic joysticks
  • Backlit buttons
  • Mappable buttons
  • Complete Switch integration

The Cons

  • Tracking charge
  • Sells out fast


Wizard Wireless Joy-Pad | By: NYXI



The retro NYXI Wizard takes the best of classic Nintendo consoles and mixes it with the Switch offering a faithful and high-end controller that’s unfortunately already sold out.

While the Nintendo Switch comes with Joy-Cons, many gamers feel controllers reached their pinnacle with the Game Cube, and the NYXI Wizard brings the two together.
Manufacturer NYXI
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