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Released 7 December, 2020
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Publisher Epic Games
Version CH2 S5

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Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 5 - Mando and More Come to Play

Check out new currency, new hunting grounds, and an epic new story.


Zero Point: The Latest Update to a Worldwide Phenomenon

December 2, 2020, brought the newest season of content for Fortnite -- Zero Point. By now, the game is a household name. Nearly every gamer knows it. Since 2017, the community shows no signs of slowing down. After being in the forefront of battle royale games, Chapter 2 Season 5 comes with some great overhauls, such as a few brand new faces on the island. Let's take a look at everything the latest season has to offer and how it shakes out!  


Concept: Keeping Content Fresh

Along with new NPCs, the game also adds a new currency. It features some quality of life updates, fresh weapons, and a host of slick skins. Fans of Star Wars will be particularly pleased as Battle Pass members this season, with Mandalorian and Grogu both playing major roles. The continued collab with pop culture trends keeps things fresh, earning this season a 4/5.


Graphics and Audio: New Skins, Same Look

Mando and The Child bring along their own unique style in this season. Additionally, the latest content features a host of skins like Master Chief from Halo! These are undoubtedly the ultimate collectors' items for anyone who wants to rep the latest and greatest crossovers in the franchise.

The new zone is a desert wasteland. There are plenty of brand new locations added on the island, but they all maintain that classic feel. A neat but noteworthy addition is the ability to hide in the sand of the new zone. This adds all sorts of fresh opportunities during matches to avoid and build. It's not like the graphics have ever been top-notch, so it's not going to break any molds. The content maintains an average of 3/5 in this category.


Gameplay: Currency System, Allies, and New Hunters Galore

Perhaps one of the biggest changes is the new currency system. NPCs in Season 5 like rewarding you with something a little more spectacular. Undertake many bounties and other quests from at least 40 characters on the island. In exchange for completing the objective, you'll be rewarded with gold bars.

What do you use gold bars for, you might ask? Well, the possibilities are pretty great! The new season brings tons of weapons, along with upgrades to some classics. However, the best new twist is hiring various NPCs as allies to join you in battle! It's a great way to spice up the system and earns a 4/5.


Of course, every new season features some great new hunters. Season 5 is no exception! Check out characters like:

- Kondor: Futuristic samurai

- Lexa: Cybernetics expert and technophile

- Mancake: Gun-toting stack of flapjacks

- Mandalorian: Inter-galactic bounty hunter

- Mave: Jungle-dwelling shapeshifter

- Menace: Golden Roman gladiator

- Reese: Beast slayer extraordinaire


Conclusion: New World, New Stuff

As always, the latest season in Chapter 2 has brought plenty of twists in content! The addition of currency, and all the goodies that accompany it, is sure to keep players enticed from now until next season (March 15, 2021). Check out new hunters and a new, elusive zone in the classic battle royale world!



Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 5 Zero Point introduces a wild new host of memorable characters, weapons, and quests for Battle Pass Members, along with some big changes to currency!

Fortnite is an incredibly popular battle royale game available on Windows, Mac, Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo Switch, and Android.
Developer Epic Games
Price Free
Released 7 December, 2020
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Publisher Epic Games
Version CH2 S5

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