Dark and Darker

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Released 18 August, 2022
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Publisher IRONMACE
Version Alpha

About Dark and Darker

Dark and Darker - Break Out the Nightlight!

A Dangerous Fantasy Adventure Inside a Vast Underground Citadel



An Upcoming Fantasy Dungeon Adventure

Dark and Darker is a PvPvE multiplayer game developed and published by IRONMACE. The game offers a unique blend of genres, including first-person shooter, RPG, dungeon crawler, battle royale, and fantasy adventure. The sum of these parts promises a novel gaming experience that appeals to a diverse selection of gamers.

The free alpha version of Dark and Darker is currently only available for PC via Steam. However, when the full version is officially released, it will likely make its way to most major consoles. With the early success of the demo and the game's intriguing mix of styles, Dark and Darker is quickly becoming one of the most anticipated games of 2023.


Dark and Darker | Developer: IRONMANCE


Raiding an Ancient Citadel

Dark and Darker, which takes place in a medieval fantasy world, is an online PvPvE game in which you and your friends embark on daring raids in an ancient underground citadel. You choose from several classic fantasy classes for your character, including Wizard, Barbarian, Ranger, and many others. Then, you and up to two other players can gear up and set off on your dangerous adventure.

Dark and Darker is played from a first-person perspective and is set primarily in a dark and foreboding underground fortress. As you navigate the dungeon-like citadel, you'll discover loot, battle enemies, and fight for survival in an extremely harsh and unforgiving environment.

Concept Rating: 4/5


Dark and Darker | Developer: IRONMANCE


Hello Darkness, My Old Friend

If you're a fan of dark, sinister game settings, Dark and Darker is the perfect game for you—although you probably inferred that from its title. That said, the game's environment most certainly lives up to the moniker, taking place in an underground citadel and offering only torchlight to provide vision.

Although the game is quite caliginous, you can still recognize the quality of the graphics. While the world design certainly has a minimalistic approach, the designs are relatively sharp and detailed. And considering the game is only out in demo form, there could be significant graphical improvements with the finished product.

As for the game's soundtrack, it's mostly quiet throughout the game, aside from the eerie sounds of your character's footsteps and the occasional foreboding sound effect. While navigating Dark and Darker's menu screens, you'll hear bleak medieval tunes that fit quite nicely.

Graphics & Audio Rating: 4/5


Dark and Darker | Developer: IRONMANCE


Surviving a Dark and Dangerous World

New players should check out IRONMANCE's "Quick and Dirty Adventure's Guide" for tips to get you started.

As gamers continue to try out the demo version of Dark and Darker, one thing they're consistently noticing is how hardcore the gameplay is. Not only is Dark and Darker not for the faint of heart, but it's also not for anyone who gives ups or prefers easy, casual video games.

The dark, underground world you explore in the game has many dangers. So, to survive, you'll need to be alert, quick-thinking, and persistent. The more of the citadel you navigate, the more creatures and environmental hazards you'll encounter, and the more brushes with death you'll experience.

This unique RPG consistently punishes players for making mistakes, offering little leeway and a fairly steep learning curve.


Can You Handle the Pressure?

Dark and Darker is an excellent game for players who don't mind a challenge. This unique RPG consistently punishes players for making mistakes, offering little leeway and a steep learning curve. Although this can make Dark and Darker quite frustrating when you're first starting, it makes it all the more satisfying as you improve.

Another thing you'll notice while exploring the dangerous world is that it doesn't take much to kill your character. While some RPGs provide players with seemingly infinite health bars, that's certainly not the case with Dark and Darker. And due to the shadowy nature of the environment, there are frequent occurrences in which your character is dead before you even realize you're under attack.


Dark and Darker | Developer: IRONMANCE


Classic Fantasy Inspiration

Although the world of Dark and Darker may lack the hopeful, whimsical feel of Lord of the Rings and other epic fantasy stories, the game has undoubtedly taken its inspiration from classic fantasy adventure games. In this dark and sinister world, the bravest and strongest heroes reap the rewards of riches and adoration. However, those who don't have what it takes to face the citadel's underworld will find only death and sorrow.

The character class you choose will determine your character's specific traits, abilities, and strengths.


RPG Elements

Much of Dark and Darker's gameplay feels like playing a classic RPG, which starts with selecting your character's class, of which there are many recognizable options. The character class you choose will determine your character's specific traits, abilities, and strengths.

Because each class has its advantages and disadvantages, it's worth coordinating with your friends to create as cohesive a squad as possible. Because of how unforgiving the citadel is, you'll want to give yourself as many advantages as possible.

Depending on which class choose, you may have the opportunity to utilize powerful magic while exploring the dungeons. Much like the rest of Dark and Darker, magic is challenging to master, requiring that you gradually learn your spells and consistently find the ideal times to cast them.


Dark and Darker | Developer: IRONMANCE


Engaging First-Person Combat

You'll encounter many fearsome enemies while attempting to survive in the underground citadel of Dark and Darker, and fighting for your life will frequently be your only choice. The game heavily emphasizes first-person combat, featuring a variety of close-combat weapons and forcing players to learn multiple techniques.

You'll need to stay focused when battling the underground monsters to be victorious. The better you understand the weapon you're wielding, the more success you'll have with it. The result of these advanced mechanics is an exceptionally immersive combat experience.

Gameplay Rating: 4/5


Dark and Darker | Developer: IRONMANCE


Patience Is a Virtue

The alpha version of Dark and Darker launched in August 2022 on Steam and is currently free to play. As for the full version of the game, there's no official release date yet. However, current estimates predict the highly anticipated dungeon crawler will debut in the third quarter of 2023.

When the completed game comes out, it promises to include a variety of new maps, weapons, enemies, and challenges. There's no word on how much Dark and Darker will cost upon release, but it will surely be worth dropping $50 or $60 to get the game and start raiding dungeons with your friends.


Dark and Darker | Developer: IRONMANCE


An Unforgiving and Engaging RPG

As you explore the game's dark fantasy world, you'll encounter a range of sinister creatures and ominous environments, each more treacherous than the last. With every step you take, you'll be pushed to the brink of your abilities, and tested in ways you never thought possible.

But don't let the darkness consume you. With skill, strategy, and a little luck, you can navigate this difficult landscape and emerge victorious. Whether you're battling fierce monsters, solving intricate puzzles, or outsmarting cunning opponents, every moment in Dark and Darker will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Prepare yourself for the ultimate test of your skills and courage. Enter the darkness, and see if you have what it takes to survive in Dark and Darker.

Although Dark and Darker is only available as a demo, it's not hard to see the game's true potential. While it may not win over casual gamers, those who enjoy the challenge of conquering a difficult game will be all over it.

Dark and Darker has quite a bit going for it, combining several beloved genres into a diverse, immersive package. Once the additional content is available, the game should provide players and their good friends with many hours of engaging—and at times, frustrating—gameplay.

Replay Value Rating: 4/5


The Pros

  • Immersive first-person combat
  • Many familiar RPG elements
  • Quality graphics

The Cons

  • The difficulty level can be frustrating
  • Demo offers a limited amount of content


Dark and Darker | Developer: IRONMANCE



Dark and Darker is a PvPvE adventure fantasy RPG featuring unforgiving gameplay, immersive combat, and a foreboding underground world.

Dark and Darker is a thrilling and immersive PvPvE game that plunges you into a world of shadows and danger. Set in a bleak and foreboding landscape, the game challenges you to survive and thrive amidst the many perils that lurk in the shadows.
Developer IRONMACE
Price Free
Released 18 August, 2022
Website View site
Publisher IRONMACE
Version Alpha
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