Azuran Tales: Trials

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Released 1 June, 2018
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Publisher Phangd
Version 1.1.0

About Azuran Tales: Trials

Developed by Tiny Trinket Games, Azuran Tales: Trials is a platformer RPG video game, available for the Windows operating system. Azuran Tales: Trials is a brutal platformer video game that punishes players for every misstep. Firstly, players attempt to brute force their way through beautifully handcrafted levels to defeat the God of the Dead. In a stunning 2.5D view and well-designed levels meant to drive even the best players to the brink of insanity, Azuran Tales: Trials is sure to be a classic among platformers.

Journey across the World of Azuran to battle merciless enemies and save the world. The video game follows a battle cleric as he fights his way through waves of enemies to save the world. Additionally, the game blends elements of an RPG with the action of a platformer. The hardcore combat forces players to keep their reaction speed high or risk death. Players looking for an easy RPG should look elsewhere because there will be no help here. The game is straightforward but incredibly hard to beat. As if the complex traps and non-stop waves of enemies weren't enough, Mograth's trickery forces players into using more than their brute force strength to find a way to save the world. Moreover, a rich storyline filled with lore keeps the player itching for more as they fail to complete levels.

Azuran Tales: Trials Features

Azuran Tales: Trials features fifteen gorgeously handcrafted levels that add an atmosphere unrivaled in other games. The 2.5D style creates a realistic and dangerous world for the players. Deadly boss fights keep players in the heat of the moment, so one missed reaction will lead to death. The awesome boss fights and battle cleric class gameplay offers a fast-paced adventure platformer. Players will often forget they are playing a sidescroller. The atmosphere and gorgeous graphics are a marvel to watch as they unfold around you. The game features multiple different environments such as dungeons, caves, cities, underground, and more. Battle through handcrafted levels full of monsters, traps, unique bosses, and lore beyond a normal platformer. The players face off against Magrath, an entity shrouded in mystery hell-bent on claiming Azuran for himself, and above all, try to save the world.

Azuran Tales: Trials controls are basic and easy to pick up, because the players use the left and right-click to move and the R key to move and fight, with the number keys, 1-4, used for spells and items. The game also has recent support for controllers plugged into your Windows computer.

In Conclusion

Finally, for fans of old-school platformers like Castlevania, Azuran Tales: Trials will be a welcome challenge. The deadly mechanics and boss fights force players to stay on their toes and react with nerve-shattering speed or risk certain doom. The atmosphere, lore, and story campaigns will keep the player enthralled in the game well into the night. Simple control scheme and support for a controller makes the game easy to control but hard to master.

Azuran Tales: Trials offers a challenging combo of RPG and platformer gameplay. Journey across Azuran to battle merciless enemies and save the world.
Developer Tiny Trinket Games
Price Free
Released 1 June, 2018
Website View site
Publisher Phangd
Version 1.1.0
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